Are you interested in receiving spiritual/intellectual nourishment during this time of pandemic? You would like to do a spiritual (annual) retreat but cannot travel to a retreat house or your community likes to have a recollection talk and you don't find anyone. Here is the possibility. We can give either one talk or two talks per day, each not exceeding 30 minutes. 

We can direct retreat online using either zoom, skype or What'sApp on a mobile or computer. Location matters very little with the internet and certainly our Divine Master will touch us when we earnestly seek Him. You may contact us at mobile: 9483074475 E-mail: 

How does that Zoom online retreat look like? Please go to my YouTube page Olvin Veigas  and see it for yourself. Zoom also makes it possible to transmit directly on the YouTube channel as well.  I have been preaching a retreat these days (November 14-22, 2020)

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