Tuesday, February 27, 2018

In pursuit of happiness

The question of what is the pursuit of happiness is an old age question.  Happiness is what every human being craves for.  Happiness is what is here and what is not here, it is already and not yet, a kind of eschatological question.  We might think that our happiness lies here and now.  But actually we might not have been in that situation at that time at all.  Therefore the pursuit of happiness comes to torment us.  The pursuit of happiness perhaps may be our craving, our interest, our goal of life. This does not take place until and unless we are in it.  Immersing oneself info the pursuit of happiness is an herculean task.  A person's happiness cannot be borrowed or bought from someone else. Happiness is felt within the heart and soul of the person.  Others might be of some help in the pursuit of happiness.  Ultimately the person him/herself has to seek it, try to get it.  Because each moment or day is free to determine his or her freedom in pursuit of happiness.  There are no boundaries or parameters in the pursuit of happiness.  A person with chronic IBD will have to pursue his or her happiness within one’s stark reality of pain, distress and depression.  But there are all the possibilities of realising one's dream of being happy.  In pursuing one's desire to happiness within those life conditions will lead to happiness in some sense or the other.  No one can deny or measure one's happiness.  Ultimately there is a beginning for every effort.  The first step begins with one's readiness to embark on a long and challenging journey.

God is magnanimous and generous

Introduction to the Holy Mass with Superior General of Jesuits Rev. Fr Arturo Sosa on 26-02-2018 at Mount St Joseph, Bangalore. 

A warm welcome to you my dear brothers.  And we are gathered together along with our Superior General Fr Arturo Sosa and his three General Assistants to celebrate this fraternal thanksgiving at this Holy Eucharist of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are indeed very glad that we could be together as sons of One Father.  And we thank the Lord for giving us this wonderful opportunity to feel one with the whole body of the Society because it is God who has called us to this minima Compagnia.  Therefore, only to him be glory and praise - soli Deo Gloria.  The readings of today put us in right perspective that the creator deals with creature directly and in a unique personal way.  God is great and to be feared and each individual is called to keep the commandments of covenant and be compassionate towards others.  Lent once again summons us to listen: To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.  He is magnanimous and generous and we have to be so to our brothers and sisters.  We pray for this grace at the Holy Eucharist today.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Beautiful things happen in life

Many beautiful things happen in our life. They come and go but continue to live on in our memory. 14 of our young Novices received their Jesuit Cassock and wore them for the first time in their life. They were also confirmed with the minor orders of Accolyte and Lector at the simple Eucharistic celebration held on Monday, 12th of February 2018 at Mount St Joseph, Bangalore.  The seven Second Year Novices organised the liturgy by incorporating a few creative aspects to this religious celebration which made the whole event a blissful one. All the 21 Novices had smiles on their faces as they felt equal to each other in certain sense of the word. The new Ministerial Orders will make the Novices more closer to the alter in the parishes they serve and certainly a step nearer towards their goal of taking their personal vocation to the priesthood seriously.