Saturday, September 1, 2018

Mother Mary’s Wholehearted Obedience

One of the distinguishing features in the life of Our Lady is her total surrender to God’s Will throughout her life.  In the scriptures we see the incidents in which Mother Mary is at the finest moments where she says complete “yes” to the Lord, be at annunciation, be at the offering of Child Jesus in the temple, be at her husband Joseph asking her go with him with Infant Child Jesus to a far away country Egypt until the death of Herod, be at Jesus himself when he says to his mother and father when he is found in the temple “should I not be in my Father’s house,” be at when Mary along with her relatives try to have a glance over her son while teaching in a synagogue, be at the wedding feast at Cana or be at the foot of the Cross, Mary is obedient to everything that is going to happen.

There are no arguments, no clarifications, no strategies, no seeking time for so called  “discernment”.  Mother Mary is ready with her answers, which are positive to God’s Will at any moment.  She does not need time for thinking, analyzing or discerning.  Her discernment comes right at the spot because God’s Spirit was within her. She knew God’s voice.  She knew she was in the presence of God profoundly and immensely, which determined her quick and ready obedience.  She neither doubted in her decisions, nor gave room for suspicion in her calling to be an obedient daughter of God.  Therefore, we venerate her today as theotokos, the mother of God.

By her very nature as God’s chosen one to bring forth saviour of humanity, Our Lady was endowed with a gift of obedience which was never shaken even in times when her beloved Son was sentenced to death of a Cross.

One lesson that we can learn from Our Lady is this: When God is with us, in other words, when we live in God’s presence we do not need to take timeout for discernment because we can make decisions rightly, quickly, justly and joyfully.

- Olvin Veigas