Sunday, January 7, 2018

Take one day at a time

Ulcerative Colitis brings to oneself a lot of surprises unfortunately rarely pleasant ones. Therefore unpleasant things which continue to happen is part of the game of this disease. Since the disease is chronic you are not sure when that unfortunate time will begin to bother you. It could be any day or anytime including evening or early wee hours of the morning. There is no definite time or certainty in anything. Probably only certainty that you would have is the worst things that might come like bleeding, uncontrollable bowel movements, weakness including an anaemic state, lack of appetite, fever, pain or cramps in the stomach, loss of energy and strength including inability to walk. The best principle for a person who is suffering from the IBD is to take one day at a time! 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Helplessness when health begins to play...

I never imagined three years ago (since 2014), the digestive problem might cause such a havoc in my life that I would be incapacitated to take up any jobs or responsibilities with confidence.  Those who have ulcerative colitis will agree with me.  This chronic disease is still a nightmare...strange thing is that this disease brings you helplessness in abundance.  A sheer lack of confidence simply engulfs your already helpless situation.

Often this depressing situation could be won over by encouraging yourself like being positive about oneself and others, unstinted confidence to go and look for something that brightens you up, make a habit of listening to music that you like most, reading books if there is energy, taking short walks, doing short meditations, and deep breathings, and so forth.  However taking long and brisk walks are discouraged as it would lead to weaken oneself  because of ones lack of energy or state of anaemia or burning of extra calories which are already depleted in the body. However, there is no point in overdoing anything that I mentioned above.