Third Sunday of Easter: 18 April 2021 (The Mission of Being Witnesses of the Risen Lord)

Second Sunday of Easter: Sunday of Divine Mercy - 11 April 2021 (Being Amazed at the Power of the Resurrection)

Easter Sunday - The Resurrection of the Lord: 04 April 2021 (Empty Tomb and the Reality of the Resurrection)

5th Sunday of Lent: 21 March 2021 (Jesus the Source of Eternal Salvation)

4th Sunday of Lent: 07 March 2021 (Faith Brings Salvation)

3rd Sunday of Lent: 07 March 2021 (World is our Monastery)

2nd Sunday of Lent: 28 March 2021 (Transfigured to Strengthen and be Confirmed)

1st Sunday of Lent: 21 February 2021 (We are Made Alive in the Spirit)

ASH WEDNESDAY: 17 FEBRUARY 2021 (Why Ashes When God is Compassion and Mercy?)

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time: 14 February 2021 (Enduring Love of God Heals Us)

5th Ordinary Sunday Reflections 07 February 2021 (Serving God Untiringly in a World of Suffering and Pain)

4th Ordinary Sunday Reflections 31 January 2021 (On God Rests the Foundation of Our Identity)

3rd Ordinary Sunday Reflections 24 January 2021 (Following the Lord Means God Becomes Focus of Our Attention)

2nd Ordinary Sunday Reflections 17 January 2021 (Hearing God's Voice in our Midst)


Video Mass and Homily: Called to be Holy and Blessed (01.11.2020) Here is my audio homily only

Holy Spirit Labouring in Our Lives: The community recollection points (06.06.2020).

Homily: 5th Sunday Easter Jesus is the Safest Way 10.05.2020

Homily: Stay Secure in the Lord 03.05.2020 (in Kannada)

Homily: Divine Mercy Sunday: Jesus - "My Lord, My God" 19.04.2020

Homily: Easter Day - A New Life with the Risen Lord: Friendship, Focus and Fellowship 12.04.2020

Lenten Recollection Homily: For a Religious Congregation 21.03.2020

Homily: Maundy Thursday - Holy Eucharist: The Source and Summit of Christian Life - A Call to be the Eucharist Today  09.03.2020 

Homily: Feast of St Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, A Man of Dreams; A Man of Actions! 19.03.2020

Homily: 3rd Sunday of Lent 15.03.2020 (No More a Stranger in a Time of Corona Virus Crisis)

Homily: 2nd Sunday of Lent 08.03.2020 (Discernment, Leader and Mysticism with Eyes Wide Open)

Homily: 1st Sunday of Lent 01.03.2020 (God's Love is More Powerful than Sin)

Homily: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time 09.02.2020 (God will shine on you and make you bright)

Homily: Presentation Of Jesus in the Temple 02.02.2020 (God has His Last Say in Everything)

Talk: Ward Members of the Parish 26.01.2020 (Basic Christian Community)

Homily: Feast Of Epiphany 05.01.2020 (God Reveals And Works Among Us)


Homily: Holy Innocent Martyrs 28.12.2019 (Joseph's Dream and Child's Cry)

Homily: Christmas 2019 (God is born among us)

Homily: 4th Sunday of Advent 22 December 2019 (Christian Hashtag of God is with Us)

Homily: 02nd Sunday of Advent  08 December 2019 (Jesus: God's Self-Communication to the Humanity)

Homily: 01st Sunday of Advent 01 December 2019 (Advent: Waiting with Joyful Hope)

Homily 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time 17 November 2019 (Align with God and You will Shine Brightly)

Homily 32nd Sunday Ordinary Time 10 November 2019 (Being Radically Different for the Kingdom of God)

Homily 31st Sunday Ordinary Time 03 November 2019 (God Comes to Us Where We are)

Homily All Saints Day 02 November 2019 (Called to be Holy)

Mother Mary as Great Intercessor 30 October 2019 (Short talk at the Rosary meeting)

Do Not Be Afraid 28 October 2019 (Short talk at the Rosary meet - On Mother of God)

Mother Mary and Collaboration 27 October 2019 (Short talk a the Rosary meeting)

Homily 30th Sunday Ordinary Time 27 October 2019 (No Favourites but God is Open to You)

Homily Mission Sunday 20 October 2019

Devotion to the Mother of God 19 October 2019 (Short talk at the Rosary meeting)

Rosary is Strength 16 October 2019 (Short talk at the Rosary meeting)

Homily 28th Sunday Ordinary Time 13 October 2019

Homily: 27th Sunday Ordinary Time 06 October 2019

Homily: 25th Sunday Ordinary Time 22 September 2019

Homily: Monthi Fest 08 September 2019 (Konkani)

Homily: Novena Mass: Mary - Mother of Peace 07 September 2019 (Kannada)

Homily: Novena Mass - Mary Help Of Christians 06 September 2019

Homily: Mother Mary 05 September 2019

Homily: 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time 01 September 2019 (Morning)

Homily: 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time 31 August 2019 (Evening)

Homily: 20th Sunday Ordinary Time 18 August 2019

Homily: Wedding 15 August 2019

Homily: 18th Sunday Ordinary Time 04 August 2019

Homily: 16th Sunday Ordinary Time 20 July 2019

Homily: Retreat Mass 19 July 2019

Homily: Retreat Mass 18 July 2019

Homily: 14th Sunday Ordinary Time 07 July 2019

Homily: 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time  30 June 2019

Homily: 1st Sunday of Lent 10 March 2019

Homily: 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time -24 February 2019

Homily: Inter-Novitiate Day - 03 March 2019

 Homily: 4th Sunday Ordinary Time 3 Feb 2019

Homily: 4th Sunday of Advent 23 Dec 2018

Homily: Gaudete Sunday 16 Dec 2018

Homily: Feast of St Francis Xavier, 03 Dec 2018

Homily: 6th Sunday Ordinary Time 11 Feb 2018

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