I have been writing Covid Care Diary on our Mount Saint Joseph house blog. Here are the links:

22. Summary of Covid Care Kit Diary: Reaching out to the Neediest, Farthest and in Abundance (10 June 2020)

21. Covid Care Diary: Keeping Clean & Sane with Soaps (26 May 2020)

20. Covid Care Diary: Loyola School Children Receive the Last but Large Stock (22 May 2020)

19. Covid Care Diary: Mask Makers as Covid Care Warriors (20 May 2020)

18. Covid Care Diary: Wheelbarrows of Covid Care (16 May 2020)

17. Covid Care Diary: Moving into the Containment Zones (15 May 2020)

16. Covid Care Diary: No Coincidence but Providence (13 May 2020)

15. Covid Care Diary: Reaching out to the LGBTQ + Community (12 May 2020)

14. Covid Care Diary: What Makes Kits and What Breaks Ego (09 May 2020)

13. Covid Care Diary: New Arrivals - Unloading and Packing  (29 April 2020)

12. Covid Care Diary: Reaching out to the Garment Factory Workers (28 April 2020)

11. Covid Care Diary: Relief Work among the Orphanages (27 April 2020)

10. Covid Care Diary: Working in the Hub, No Resting even on Sunday (26 April 2020)

9. Covid Care Diary: Mount Saint Joseph Covid Care Kit Relief Work, Bangalore - A Report (25 April 2020)

8. Covid Care Diary: Police Men as our Supporters (24 April 2020)

7. Covid Care Diary: Farmers as our Primary Benefactors (22 April 2020)

6. Covid Care Diary: Auto Drivers as Our Trusted Collaborators (21 April 2020)

5. Covid Care Diary: Reaching out to the Right People through Documentation (20 April 2020)

4. Covid Care Diary - The Large Hearted Volunteers (19 April 2020)

3. Covid Care Diary: Catholic Religious Brothers & Sisters at Work (18 April 2020)

2. Covid Care Diary: Reaching out to the Physically Challenged (17 April 2020)

1. Covid Care Diary: Work Continues Reaching the Unreached (15 April 2020)

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Anonymous said...

I was very much taken up by the wonderful work done by you for the suffering people. It is really amazing! And your description was very informative and inspiring. Thank God for you all and God bless you all abundantly.